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When you find a car for sale with a salvage title, it means that the vehicle was involved in an insurance claim, the cost of repair exceeds its market value, therefore the insurance company declares the vehicle a total loss and brands the title as “salvage”.

A title can be branded salvage when the vehicle is damaged from an accident, flood, fire, hail, vandalism, and other important events that result in extensive damage to the vehicle.

Every state has its own rules to require a salvage title. Some states require a title to be branded as salvage if the cost of repair is 50% or more than the value of the vehicle before the damage. In other states this percentage could be as much as 75% or 80%. But as a general rule, a vehicle will get a salvage title if the airbags are deployed.

Only licensed dealers and dismantlers can purchase salvage title vehicles. The general public can buy salvage title vehicles using a licensed car dealer registered with the auction as a broker.

A salvage title vehicle cannot be insured, it must get a rebuilt title first. In order to get a rebuilt title the vehicle must be repaired, inspected and deemed roadworthy by the local DMV.

When a vehicle is a total loss, it doesn’t necessarily mean it's the end of its life. A salvage vehicle can go back to the road once it passes a state inspection by the DMV to make sure it has been repaired, and issued a reconstructed or rebuilt title.

You must contact your local DMV for information, the requirements may vary from state to state, but generally you will be required to provide:

- Original title and Bill of Sale.
- Photos of the vehicle before the repair.
- Bills and receipts of the work done and the parts used in the repair.
- Fill out the Statement of Builder form and the application for a Certificate of Title.
- Make an appointment for the inspection with the DMV, pay the fee and bring the vehicle to the inspection.

Once the DMV reviews the documentation provided and approves your application, you can request a rebuilt or reconstructed title at the tag agency. A rebuilt title certifies that the salvage vehicle has been repaired and is deemed roadworthy by the local DMV. You can now legally drive or sell the vehicle. Salvage vehicles with a junk title or certificate of destruction cannot get a rebuilt title.

Being branded with a salvage title greatly depreciates a vehicle’s value, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Salvage cars can serve as a source for parts, or depending upon the nature and extent of the damage, once granted a rebuilt title they can be driven daily.

Always contact your local DMV first for information about how to get a rebuilt title in your state.

- Always inspect the salvage vehicle before even registering to bid. Contact the broker for information about how and when you can inspect the vehicle and bring your mechanic.
- Always assume there will be more damage than what is visible. Get a damage or VIN report when possible.
- Search online the VISN of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing, you might find pictures or more information about the vehicle.
- Try to buy a make or model you’re familiar with, or that you can get a discount in parts and labor.

If done right, a repaired, reconstructed or rebuilt title car can translate into a great, reliable money-saving investment.

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