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At Salvage Trucks Auction, we give you access to the wide collection of trucks from Copart. Our search filters allow you to search for specific makes, models, years, or damages.

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We strongly recommend our customers to inspect the truck before they start bidding. Once you are satisfied with the condition of the truck, you can join our live auctions.

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Once you win the bid, you will need to submit all payments due and needed documents, and your car will be ready for transportation. Please read our how to buy page to learn more.

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Are you shopping for an affordable truck?

Salvage Trucks Auction is a licensed auto dealer and a registered broker with This gives us access to Copart's collection of salvage trucks, and we give that access to you.

Why shop for salvage trucks through us? The general public does not have access to Copart Auto Auctions. Copart only gives access to licensed car dealers, dismantlers, or exporters. When you shop through us, you do not have to go through the process of applying for a dealer's license. You can enjoy our advanced shopping platform.

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