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Registration Process

  1. How do I create an account?

    Open the Salvage Trucks Auctions’ Registration Page. Choose a subscription plan from the three options provided (free, monthly and annually). Enter the details as prompted. Enter your credit card information and authorize the subscription fee and the security deposit to get started. With your account ready, you can start bidding and buying trucks.

  2. What is the cost of registration?

    You can start searching for a truck for free with the basic account. The free basic account doesn’t require you to enter your credit card details. There is a 2 vehicle purchase limit with this account. You can also opt for the $34.95 monthly subscription plan or the $189.95 annual subscription plan.


  1. Where do I deposit the payment for the truck I win in a bid?

    All payments should be made to Inloher Corp through a direct Deposit to the Bank of America Account, through a cashier’s check or a wire transfer. No payment should be made to the Copart or any other institution. You need to pay within two business days after winning a bid or you will pay a $50 penalty.

Security Deposit

  1. What is the purpose of the security deposit?

    The security deposit covers Salvage Trucks Auctions in case you fail to meet the purchase obligations. We will use the deposit to cater for the cancellation and relisting fees among other fees when you fail to make payment as needed. If you make all the payment as needed, you will get your deposit back 100 percent.

  2. How much security deposit do I pay?

    You pay a minimum of $400.00 to cover trucks whose sale price is between $1 and $4,000.00. If your car costs more than $4,000.00, you will pay 10 percent of the purchase price.

  3. Is the security deposit refundable?

    You will get the security deposit back if you meet all the purchase obligations. After winning a bid, you will get the deposit back. If you do not enter, or you enter and lose a bid, you will also get the deposit back in full. If you meet the above conditions, you can ask for your security deposit whenever you need. Send us an email, and we will process the refund.

  4. Can the security deposit be used to pay part of the vehicle’s purchase price?

    You cannot use the deposit towards the purchase.

  5. Does every subscription plan charge a different security deposit?

    No. all our plans are VIP and the conditions and access you get with each is the same.

  6. How does the charge show up on my credit card statement?

    The charges will show as "Salvage Auction" on your statement.

  7. Does Salvage Trucks Auctions take wire transfers?

    Yes, you can send us money through wire transfer and then send us the bank confirmation receipt.

  8. Can I get a refund of the security deposit through wire transfer?

    Yes, you can. You need to request for a refund through email or phone, and we will process it. You are responsible for all the processing fees.


  1. Do you offer shipping services?

    No. However, we can help you find reliable transportation services. Open our Transportation Services page and pick one of the vetted transporters from there. Transporters and inspectors register on our site, and we vet them to get the best for different locations to help you ship your car with ease.

  2. How long does it take to ship the vehicle documents after purchase?

    You will have the car documents within 30 days. We mail the documents to you as fast as we receive them. You need to send us a copy of your driver’s license or passport for international buyers and a notarized Power of Attorney. The documents can only be mailed once the car ships out of the facility.

  3. After how long should I pick the vehicle after sending payment?

    You need to pick your vehicle within three days after paying for the truck. You need to allow a day for the processing of documents and then everything will be ready for picking. We do not offer transportation services, and you have to hire your own transportation. You can, however, organize transportation with one of the services on our website.


  1. Who am I buying the car from? Salvage Trucks Auctions or Copart?

    All trucks you access through our site are on Coparts inventory. Car owners sell their trucks through Copart. However, the general public is not allowed to bid on wrecked trucks for sale on Copart. This is where we come in; we allow you a chance to bid on salvage trucks without the need for a dealer’s license at a small broker’s fee. We are a registered auto dealer in Florida and a registered broker with Copart.

  2. Is a dealer’s license needed to bid on salvage trucks?

    No, you do not need a dealer’s license to bid on trucks. As long as you bid through Salvage Trucks Auctions, you are safe.

  3. Are there any restrictions when bidding?

    United States residents will not be able to bid in the state that you reside in, unless you are a resident of Alabama, Colorado, Florida and Wisconsin. You will not be able to bid/purchase in the states of Kansas and Missouri using our website. In the states of Colorado, Michigan and Wisconsin, and any vehicle with a junk, parts only or certificate of destruction title, you will not be able to bid in the live auction, you can only submit a preliminary offer.

  4. How do I tell when I outbid other buyers?

    If your button turns green, then you are winning. If someone outbids you, the light will turn red, and you will get an email to rebid on the truck to increase your chances of winning.

  5. Can I change an offer I’ve already made?

    If the seller accepts your offer, you cannot change it later. You will have two business days to make payment and later collect your truck. Failure to do that will lead to a penalty. If you cancel the sale, that attracts a penalty too. The offer is binding.


  1. Can I inspect a truck from the Copart facility?

    Yes, you can do that whether you have an account with Salvage Trucks Auctions, or you don’t. If you have an account with us, get the vehicle location from the vehicle description page and call the yard. Some yards will charge a visitor’s fee and some will not. Note that the trucks are sold as they are and where they are. The condition you find the truck in is the same you will buy the truck. At Salvage Trucks Auctions, we encourage that you inspect the car thoroughly before you enter a bid to ensure you are getting what you need. You can bring an inspector into the facility to check the car.

  2. Do I get the documents to register the truck with the DMV?

    Copart will give you the car title ‘as is’ advertised, and you will be left to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You need to confirm the registration process with the department of motor vehicles before you bid on a car to ensure you will have all the needed documentation. Ask what it takes to register a salvage truck and the rules on owning such a car.

  3. How long does it take to receive the title after a car ships?

    Copart will send the title within 45 days after the car ships. Once the title gets to us, we’will then process it and mail it to you. After we get the title from Copart, we ensure you get it after a few days. Floridians can collect the title from Tallahassee after processing. You will only receive the title once you send over all the needed documents.


  1. Is there a refund when someone cancels their subscription?

    No, the subscription fee is not refundable. You should read our terms and conditions before registering for an account on our site. The only fee refundable is the security deposit.

If you have more questions, our team will be ready to answer you any time.