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Buying Salvage Trucks Without a Dealer's License

Registering on Salvage Trucks Auction

To access a database of more than 150,000 salvage vehicles, you need to first create an account with us. You can start with a free account through which you can search for trucks and see all trucks that join the inventory. With the free account, you only provide your driver’s license without credit card details. When you register with us, you also receive access to all our auction websites websites,, and

Don't like the limitations of the free basic account? You can also choose between a monthly subscription of $34.95 or an annual subscription plan of $189.95 per year, depending on how long you plan to stay shopping. With the annual price, you will save $90 compared to someone who subscribes every month. Subscription fees are recurring and non-refundable. You can cancel any time, but it must be done before the next billing date.

The paid subscription plan allows you access to more than 150,000 vehicles, unlimited bids, and so many other resources from Salvage Trucks Auctions and all our other auction sites. If your search shows a truck you love, you will need to deposit $400.00 as a security deposit for trucks selling for $4,000.00 and below. For trucks selling for more than $4,000.00, you will have to make a security deposit of 10 percent of the bid amount. This deposit is refundable if you do not win a vehicle or once you meet all payment terms and remove the truck you purchased, from the Copart facility.

Searching for a Truck

There is a truck for everyone and to meet different budgets. These trucks are available to you through ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Live Bidding.’

If you are new to Salvage Trucks Auctions, you can start with a free basic account. While on the free account, you have access to all the trucks added to the Copart inventory. This gives you an easy way to shop for a truck. If the trucks already on the system do not meet your needs, you can wait for other trucks to be added to the inventory.

Once you see a truck you love, schedule an inspection, pay the security deposit, and enter a bid.

Because Copart Auto Auctions has thousands of trucks for sale, it would be time-consuming to search for a truck without the necessary search filters.

If you need quick search results, use our Quick Search Bar at the top of the page. On this bar, type the description of the truck you need, and you will see instant results. You can, however, get more specific results with our advanced search filters. These search filters allow you to search for a truck based on the make, model, year, type of damage, title, and location.

We also offer you Quick Picks features from which you can search for the truck using its lot number or any other customized search.

The results from the search will show you multiple images of different salvage trucks. You can click on any of the images to get the truck description. Some of the details shown include;

Images of the truck from different angles
Type of title
Vehicle specifications

Location shows you where the truck is stored so that you can plan for the inspection.


After spotting a truck you like, the next step should be an inspection. You will already have seen the specifications of the vehicle, the photos, and the type of damage before the inspection. However, an in-person inspection gives you more details about the truck. Inspection is also how you estimate how much it would cost you to repair the truck. This way, you will bid on an amount you know you can afford. It is up to you to choose the bidding price and ensure you pick something affordable.

If you know what to look for during an inspection, you do not need a professional inspector. However, for the estimation of the cost of repairs, we recommend that you work with a professional inspector. There is a list of inspectors on our site, as a courtesy.

We recommend that you visit the Copart yard with at least three or more vehicles in mind that you would like to inspect. Some yards will charge you a small visitors’ fee while others are free. If you find that the damages on one of the trucks are extensive, you can check another one from the same facility.

All salvage title trucks are sold “as is” and “where they are”. It is up to the buyer to make the necessary repairs to get the truck back on the road. To avoid getting a truck that is irreparable, or one whose cost of repair will be unaffordable, always inspect the truck before bidding.

If you need an irreparable truck as a source for truck parts, you also need to inspect the truck to ensure the truck has all the parts you need.

Bid on the Truck

It is easy to bid on a truck once you know its condition. The estimated cost of repairs will help you know how much to bid on. Once you have registered and made a security deposit, you will be able to start bidding.

Copart allows you to bid during the preliminary bidding period or wait and get into the online live bidding. Whichever auction you enter, you have a chance to walk away with a truck of your dreams.

There is high competition for some trucks, especially those whose cost of repairs is low. Dealers and other aspiring truck owners will all come in hoping to take the truck home. As such, you need to enter your max bid to increase your chances of winning without going for a rebid. The bidding platform offers Bid4U features that make the processes easy for you. Here, all you need to do is enter your maximum bid price, and the software will bid for you in stages until it hits the maximum bid price. A rebid comes when someone bids higher than you, and you get an email asking you to rebid.

You can bid on salvage trucks in all states of the U.S. except Kansas and California. You can also bid for these trucks from Canada. International bidders are also allowed as long as they have the necessary documents.

Before you bid on a salvage truck, ensure that you check the laws of the state in which you live to ensure getting a salvage vehicle is allowed. You also need to check the documentation needed from the state’s DMV. After a sale, you will have the truck assigned to you, and you also get all the documents you need to drive or tow the car away.

After winning a bid, the seller has up to 9 PM PST the following business day. You can see what the seller has said by opening Open Items >> Bid Status. The bid will either have been approved, pending, or the seller might counter your offer. After a seller counters, you can choose to keep your bid or raise your bid to increase your chances of walking away with the truck. If the seller approves your bid, you get an email notification saying that you have been awarded the truck

Payment and Transportation

All payments must be made to Inloher and NOT Copart. Payments must be made through a direct deposit, a cashier’s check, or wire transfer and NOT any other method. If you pay directly to the seller, Salvage Trucks Auctions penalizes you $200, which will come from your security deposit. Inloher might also sue you for the theft of a vehicle. And you are responsible for any legal fees.

The payment you send to Inloher will be the bid price or the counter price from the seller (whichever you settle on), the transaction fee, and other associated fees as you will be directed.

After making all the needed payments, email Salvage Trucks Auctions with the details of the payments so that we can ready the truck and the documents for you. You only have two business days to pay for the truck, or you will start paying for storage fees. Copart charges $50 as storage every day from the third day. Requesting to cancel a purchase for any reason OR failing to pay for the vehicle within seven calendar days (this includes the day of the sale), will forfeit the purchase of your vehicle. After that, the vehicle will be re-listed and other people will be able to bid on it. As a result, you will lose your security deposit and will pay a cancellation fee and a relisting fee.

Trucks available as "Buy Now": require you to pay within the same day. If you fail to do so, you will pay a penalty of $50.

After payment, you will need to send a notarized Power of Attorney and an electronic signature. After we finalize the process, we will email you the Vehicle Release form so that you can transport your truck. You need to work with a transport company, which will pick your truck from the facility’s loading area. Note that you CANNOT collect your own truck from Copart. Whoever picks your truck needs to have the Vehicle Release Authorization. In order to pick up, Copart requires bidders to schedule an appointment with Copart to arrange the date and time of the vehicle pickup. This must be done by downloading the Copart mobile app and follow the steps to do so.

Copart gives you three days after payment to pick your truck from the junkyard. If you fail to do so, you will have to pay storage fees from the fourth day. For online bids, you pay a storage fee of $5. For Kiosk and Buy Now options, you will pay $30 as storage fees. If you still fail to remove your vehicle after 30 days, you lose it.