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What are Salvage Trucks?

Salvage trucks are used trucks with damages from fire, accident, or floods. These trucks are repairable, and you can get them back on the road.

These are trucks that insurance companies "totaled" because the cost of repairs exceeded 50 percent of the value of the truck. In some cases, Salvage title trucks for sale do not need any repairs as they are "stolen and recovered" trucks. Such trucks are ready for fueling and driving off the yard.

If the engine of a junk truck is in good condition, you only need to get the frame in shape, and the truck is ready to roll. From our advanced search features, you can search for trucks based on the nature of the damage and then inspect them before you bid. Irreparable or junk/parts only trucks are available as sources for used parts.

Most of the wrecked trucks for sale are in repairable condition. As a buyer, you get the advantage of buying these wrecked trucks at a very low price. Once a truck is given the salvage title, its value reduces significantly – which is how you buy your dream truck affordably.

Our search filters will get you on the page with the trucks you need.